If you suffer from the DISEASE TO PLEASE this guidebook is devoted to helping you reclaim your life:

Do you feel inadequate, not good enough, have low self worth or think there is something wrong with you so you abandon yourself because you fear rejection, judgement & criticism and seek acceptance from others through external validation?

Do you avoid conflict because you feel controlling, dominating people will overpower you, causing you to feel unsafe?

Do you have beliefs that your needs are not important, that what you want isn’t important, or that you don’t really matter?

Do you carry guilt & shame

Feeling like you always need to do what others want?


Continually sacrifice yourself to please others & avoid conflict?


Are you always doing things for others 1st, putting yourself 2nd, and find you never have enough time for yourself?    

Feel disempowered, frustrated, unappreciated, anxious, fearful or sad

If you're tired of suffering from this behaviour, then this guide will help you on your road to recovery to be empowered, to feel worthy so you are not affected by others. 

Learn why you have become a people pleaser and find out the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual affects it can have on your wellbeing. 

Discover practical ways to stop this dysfunctional behaviour and free yourself from the control of others so that you can honour yourself and live an empowered, aligned life of joy and excitement. 

The Book enables you to reflect deeply on your experiences with people pleasing and includes healing exercises, meditations, video links, strategies & resources to help you quit your people pleasing pattern... for good.